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EALTBAY is an internet auction site set up to provide an alternative auction site for five basic reasons. The first is why we set up the site in 2005, the others have evolved as the other internet auction sites have evolved:

FIRST, eBay and other internet auction sites, have bans on perfectly legal items. For example: A BB gun. You can go to a store like Wal-Mart and anyone can buy one there, and that person use it, or they can give away,or they can sell it. That BB gun is banned on eBay, and will get you in trouble, if you list it there. We recognize that other niche internet auction sites will allow it to be sold on their sites. This alternate internet auction site is different, it does not cater to a small niche (like just air guns), it caters to all legal items, that are legal to own and transfer, but are banned on sites like eBay. The only requirement is that the transaction be done legally.

Example, whole firearms and some firearm parts require a FFL to transfer, the transaction must be done with one, no exceptions. Another example, in some jurisdictions a key making machine must be purchased only by licensed locksmiths., In those jurisdictions where a license is required to own one, you must be a licensed locksmith to own one, so don't try to buy it here just to get around your jurisdictions licensing requirements. Also, for example, any elephant ivory item must have been imported into the USA prior to 1989, If you are from Hong Kong (or a number of other places) you may buy or sell, legally taken ivory items that are newer than 1989, BUT don't sell these post 1989 items to someone in the United States, both of you will end up in trouble. This site goes internationally so the laws on both ends of the transaction must be complied with.

SECOND, our fees are vastly lower than those on eBay, and most other internet auction sites. Ealtbay offers all listings and pictures for free, auction upgrades on this site -like home page featured, do however have a charge. Ealtbays' final value fees are a flat 1% (one percent) of the final price of the item, much lower than the final value fee of 9.5% (of items under $500) that are sold on eBay. Ealtbay does have final value fees because all our programming, hosting, and bandwidth cost money. This covers our costs and makes it where we do NOT have so sell your information, or harass site visitors with pop-up ads, as most of those "free" internet auction sites do.

THIRD, the idea that PayPal or other electronic means of payment, be required to conduct site business is absurd. What ever happened to cash, certified check, money order, personal check, company check, western union, or any other legal form of completing a transaction? While these payment options are not available to you, at some other auction sites, they all are usable and allowed here. It is up to you, the seller, and the buyer, to determine what you are comfortable with.

FOURTH, feedback, it is allowed here by BUYERS and SELLERS and both may leave truthful feedback. The idea that a buyer can do no wrong, cannot be a pain, can not be overly anxious, is slow in paying, asks essential questions after an auction is closed.... or any other unmentioned problem, can't be fully disclosed in the form of feedback, by a seller -is again absurd. It leaves the playing field canted, this site wants a level playing field so feedback is allowed in both directions, not just positive feedback for the buyer.

FIFTH, the Ebay Top-rated seller is getting top the positions in search results. This is hurting all small volume sellers. It also hurts any seller who has had a problem with a buyer, and that buyer decided to take it out on the seller through the seller ratings system. Those non top rated sellers are seen much less often by buyers, as they are now listed much deeper into the search results. Or, worse yet -they might not be seen at all. If all the potential buyers, that are looking for the item that you have listed, have the top-rated seller ONLY button checked, in the search filtering results, your item will be invisible to all of those potential purchasers. This results in fewer page views and less being bid on your item, resulting in less money to you the regular seller.

At Ealtbay there are no top-rated sellers, Everyone will get the same exposure to potential purchasers, our playing field is level.

If for any, or all, of the above reasons you are looking for an alternative internet auction site, give us a try -you will like the experience.

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