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EAltBay Alternative Internet Auction, your eBay alternative auction bidding site encourages contact from its members. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and problems. We will try to address any communication as quickly as possible. We review all contacts as number one priority items.

Contact eAltBay with your suggestions about new categories, site changes that you would like to see, ideas for promotions, etc. Your contact ideas will be considered, they might even be implemented. If they are brought un to us more than once we will probably add your question to the FAQ page or the HELP page. EAltBay an eBay alternative, will not be implementing changes that fundamentally change the nature of the site. As an example, do not suggest to us, that Ealtbay ban the use of cash, as a payment method, this would constitute a fundamental change to our site, and would not be considered. However if you see a new payment option that we do not include, feel free to suggest it --it will be considered.

Also feel free to contact Ealtbay if you have a problem with a transaction. We will consider both sides and try to decide the dispute in as fair a way as possible. You should always contact the offending party first, we will not intercede --if that has not been done. Secondly, lay out all your facts in a clear concise way, include the auction number as well. We will contact the other party, if they do not respond you automatically win. If they do respond we will weigh the evidence from both parties. Remember that photograph(s) are a considerable part of the items description, and will bear heavily in our decision. An email will be required, phone calls for complaints will not be given much weight.

Overall you are encouraged to communicate with us, we will try to assist you out alternative auction members in any way practically possible. Also be sure to communicate with the other party to your transaction, it is always better if you can work it out yourself.
EAltBay's phone number is (361) 238-0833 and it is a toll call, we are not there for about 18 hours a day, so feel free to leave a message. Further, any complaints need to be emailed for us to act on them.

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